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New website; New Problems; and working for exposure.

  Well here is the first step in revitalizing my online presence with my photography.    I have also decided to ditch my old portfolios and revisit my photography from the past fifteen years.   As of this writing I am leaving my portfolio pages bare for a little bit.  

I have been barraged with e-mails, phone calls and texts over the past year looking to book me and since switching to square space in January, the amount of correspondence received has severely dropped.  While it was great being in such high demand 99% of this booking requests were for trade for work, portfolio fluffing, and opportunities for exposure.  Basically the bane of everyone trying to have a solo career in photography. 

Every now and then I get really awesome inquiries to book me for something unique that I don't mind throwing my time behind, however those have been few and far between.

So i'm going to take my time going through all the digital stills I have ever taken, as well as go through the several hundred 35mm Film format negatives and slides I have taken over the past couple years, before I re-publish my portfolios. 

Until then you can still find my content flow on my Instagram @itsrobography. I'll be posting there at least weekly or after I shoot a gig for my upcoming editorial Photography Book covering Burlesque. 

And keep an eye out for my Patreon, which I will be launching this summer.