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Photography by Robert L. Meyers
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Robography Presents Burlesque


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Robography® Presents: Burlesque! An Editorial Photography Book



When most people hear  the word 'burlesque' they envision women dancing in a kick-line clothed turn of the century flapper customs, feathers adorned on the head in sequined bands of extravagance.  Others may picture a smokey piano bar as a nyloned leg slips past velvet curtains followed by a voluptuous songbird swaying up to the microphone.  Very few think about the Demigorgon from Stranger Things bursting on stage to do a strip tease backed up by a pack of hand puppets,  or a contortionist dancing themselves into a small box, or a fire performer burning away the clasps that fasten a corset to their body. Or any variation of the imaginative acts and talents incorporated by performers. Burlesque makes mockery of our cultural norms, and for the men and women who perform, that mockery is intertwined with an exaggeration of their own self perceptions.   Burlesque!: An Editorial Photography Book  is a showcase of burlesque as an art form and its performers through the narrative lens of documentary photography, photo essays, and portraiture.  Featuring content of talented performance artists at various venues throughout the greater Los Angeles Area. Including a behind the scenes look at preparation, choreography, and costume design. 

In support of women's health a substantial portion  of proceeds from each individual book sale will be donated to Planned Parenthood or affiliated charities.